Daily Haven Adult Day Healthcare


Financial Assistance

We here at Daily Haven understand that most families cannot afford to have their loved one watched during the day while they go about their daily lives. We have several financial options and a specialist that can guide you through the process.

 Medicaid provides different waivers that your loved one might be eligable to recieve. Our referral specialist can assit with signing your loved one up for these services. It generally can take 45 days to become active in the system after approval. Your loved one must already have a Medicaid number. If they do not have a Medicaid number we can refer them and try to obtain a Medicaid number.
 Daily Haven does, and has been, holding an active contract with the Veterans Administration. We care for our veterans on a daily basis. If you have a loved one that is a veteran then the Veterans Administration might be able to pay for the clients services as long as the family can personally transport the client. Speak with our referral specialist to learn more about this option.
 We at Daily Haven have a sliding scale pay rate that is determined by the clients level of care. Speak with us further if you want to learn more about this option.
The Alzhiemers Association has a "Caregiver Time-Out Program" that you can apply for that can pay for a months worth of services to provide the family respite time. Speak with our referral specialist to learn more information.
 Some private insurance companies provide funding for ADH services. Speak with your current insurance company in regaurds to this matter. If you would like, when you speak to them, be sure to mention Daily Haven. You can provide them with our contact information and we can speak to them in regaurds to our services.